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Software Developer

Versatile  and detail-oriented  software developer  with 4+ years of experience  in the development  of applications. Excels in every stage of the life cycle of software development,  including design creation, coding, debugging, testing, and maintenance. Expert in devising innovative and tailored solutions to assist businesses achieve their goals in a variety of industries. Well-versed  in overseeing API development and testing to constantly  improve usability. Advanced  skills and knowledge of leading programming tools with a strong background in mathematics, algorithms, and data-processing  logic.


Core Competencies

Front End (JavaScript, React, Redux, Typescript, NextJS, React-Native, GraphQL, CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Strapi, ContentStack, Contentful), HTML, CSS3, SCSS, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Material UI, Semantic UI and Tailwind). Testing (Unit Testing- Cypress, Jest, Regression testing, BrowserStack).

Back End (Python, PHP, Node.js).

DevOps (Vercel, CircleCI, Docker, AWS, MS Azure, Heroku, Jenkins). Databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Heidi SQL, MySQL).

SDLC (Jira, Scrum, Monday, Notion, Trello, Git, Adobe (UX)).

Project Management: Excellent knowledge of Prince 2, Scrum and Agile methodologies. Knowledge of the Data Protection Act 2018-GDPR



Professional Experience 

United Kingdom

Front End Developer I March 2022 - April 2022

Edtech solutions providing company. They Design and deliver custom eLearning that transforms performance and reaches their customers, engaging eLearning through focused powerful designs.

  • I developed a new responsive web components using React and Typescript
  • Created appealing responsive web pages following the Adobe UX designs using Material
  • I implemented the design and worked with the solutions architect to build and carry out the
  • Assuring all user input are validated before submitting data to the
  • Collaborating with other team member and stakeholder to meet
  • Worked with the Backend developer to create GraphQL queries and mutations linked with PostgreSQL, Redis and docker to package our
  • Optimising web applications for maximum speed and
  • Debugging existing components for failure and performing high quality unit test to make sure the components pass testing and meet the required test
  • Regular code reviews, PR reviews and mentoring with junior


United Kingdom

Front End Developer I November 2021 - February 2022 

Gin company that creates new branded gin for their customers.

  • Redesigning the sites home page, creating new product pages for new products, new features, or components, and linking it to Shopify and Squarespace using Liquid and js.
  • Creating new theme settings and product settings in Shopify theme
  • Adding Google analytics to the website to track the customers journey to help get data on site performance and how to improve the website
  • Performing performance test with lighthouse and fixing all issues found to increase the site speed and
  • CSS styling using the BEM methodology and making sure each design is responsive for multiple mobile device and
  • QA Browser testing each page and features with Browser-stack and AB Testing before
  • Managing and updating site pages, Shopify products, site components, members blog, members area for different product, discounts, and gift-offers.
  • Creating different discounted products and functions to manage customers offers and shopping
  • Working with the UX design lead and marketing lead to create a new KSP swiper promotional banner to attract more customers to the
  • Regular team meeting, planning, retro, backlog refinement, code review to improve code quality and how to improve site


United Kingdom

Front End Developer I May 2021 - October 2021

Technical agency that specializes in platform strategy, UX, and technical design.

  • Building and automating responsive websites using the JamStack, NextJS, React, Typescript, Vercel, NPM packages, react libraries, Bootstrap, SASS, Docker files & image rendering Webpack, Babel and many
  • Developed and designed fast server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) website using NextJS to deliver our project in accordance with the client's
  • Setting up GitHub workflows and GitHub Actions to help automate our website with Vercel Cl/CD build before pushing to the QA environment, pre-production environment and releasing each web component on our set release dates once passed QA and
  • Working with Strapi & Contetful headless CMS to build end-to-end  e-commerce websites and multiple reusable npm package components using React, Typescript, SASS and REST
  • Implementing lighthouse to make sure our sites and components are ADA compliant and SEO
  • Creating Mobile app using React-Native or
  • Involved in Agile Ceremonies such as daily stand ups, sprint planning, retrospective, backlog refinement and sprint
  • Working closely with the PM, Scrum master and UX designer on sprint planning, architecture review, sprint 0 - research and development and regularly updating task/stories on Jira/
  • Using Jest to write standard unit test to make sure the function or components behave as expected, meets the required acceptance criteria and test
  • Creating component storybook to document and test each
  • Working with the QA team to perform TDD and BOD test using Jest, and other tools such as
  • Supporting the QA team in automating their Regression Suite using TestEvolve test automation framework in JavaScript
  • Regular debugging, merge conflicts resolution, team pairing and code reviews to achieve good code quality using GitHub workflows and GitHub


Key Achievements:

  • Completed each sprint with all the story points (Milestones achieved).
  • Finished the project within the expected date and launched the client's


United Kingdom

Web Engineer I Oct 2019 - May 2021

Mobile, Enterprise TV, Secure communication,  Future and Emerging Technologies, Research & Development services.

  • Possess experience in all phases of SDLC like Requirement Analysis, Implementation and Maintenance, and extensive experience with Agile and SCRUM
  • Maintained, manipulated, and stored video data, analytics, states in the stores and dispatched the actions using React, React -Redux, MobX, Material UI, SCSS and Python for the
  • Worked with backend engineers to display data, optimize existing API calls to create efficiencies by deprecating unneeded API calls using
  • Conducted unit and functional testing using Cypress and code
  • Evaluated codes to ensure that they were valid, properly structured, met industry standards and were compatible with browsers, devices, or operating
  • Managed tasks and tracked bugs using Trello and
  • Retrieved data from back-end and performed RESTFUL services using Middleware and Redux-Promise.
  • Deployment of new features to beta or production environment via


Key Achievements:

  • Introduced automation tools that reduced redundancy and enhanced the workflow and saved nearly 70 work hours a week for the entire
  • Developed and delivered training to support the organization, which maximized error analysis tools The training reduced escalations by 40%.


United Kingdom

Web/App Developer I Aug 2017 - Oct 2019

Publicy funded healthcare system in England, and one of the four National Health Service systems in the United Kingdom.

  • Created multiple websites using Word Press, Joomla or Drupal CMS with HTMLS/CSS, Bootstrap, MVC framework, PHP, React, MySQL, JavaScript/ jQuery/ AJAX, JSON REST API, configuring web DNS, hosting, email, and
  • Designed and developed web applications and user interfaces for various Projects ranged from setting the backend of e-commerce websites using Magenta that created a global presence.
  • Coordinated staff training, development, and recruitment activities across the
  • Possess good working knowledge of web programming languages such as SDLC, web frameworks and techniques (AWS, Azure) and DevOps tools such as Docker, CircleCI, Heroku and
  • Prioritized and fixed site-related design problems and took the initiative to implement new features based on feedback from
  • Handled access and identity issues in line with the UK Maintained a database of user credentials, compliance and password reset.
  • Worked with clients and colleagues to understand project requirements, produce mock-ups, user stories and map process flows that were required for each


Key Achievements:

  • Redesigned existing website to improve user experience and incorporated SEO techniques thereby increasing daily traffic by 50%.
  • Individually solved over 200 software bugs and minor enhancements for major product


Project Coordinator I December 2016 - August 2017

  • Conducted project kick-off meetings, defined project objectives and scope tracked risks, assumptions, and managed detailed project schedules using Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and
  • Executed certain test activities (Manual) such as Test scriptwriting, UAT, Regression testing alongside the business analyst and test
  • Liaised with program managers to identify and define project requirements, scope, and
  • Assisted the Senior Project Manager to deliver projects to time, cost and quality targets, ensuring projects meet quality and budgetary KPls, and projects are delivered efficiently on both local and national projects which include: STP -LOR work-streams, Connected Care, Wearables, Electronic Patient Prescription (EPS).
  • Developed and maintained productive working relationships with project owners, business functions, IT developers, vendors, and other project
  • Monitored and reported on key project milestones, mitigation actions on risks and issues provided status updates and detailed
  • Reported on financial broadcasting in terms of internal resources and the cost of subcontracts while ensuring the ongoing maintenance of the project action
  • Ensured that all teams were equipped with the requirements and tools, completed 90% of projects within the project



2014-2015:  England- M.Sc. Network and Security.

2009-2013: London- B.Sc. Software Engineering.

2008-2009: London- Foundation Degree, Engineering.


Training and Certification:

Prince 2 - Foundation (2017)

SQL (2018}

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