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SRE Candidate


Highly motivated, self-taught and passionate about implementing complex projects which include a wide spectrum of skills when passed through the prism of the latest technologies and best practices.


Senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)


03/2020 - Present                                                                       

Flexera specialises in IT management software, optimisation solutions.


  • Implemented a centralised Observability solution that enabled Engineering Teams across the organisation to collaborate and share their key metrics.
  • Enabled Engineering teams to become more time efficient and focus on what really matters for them by abstracting away complex knowledge around laC tooling.A new concept was introduced also known as laKM (Infrastructure as Kubernetes Manifest) to deploy infrastructure service dependencies without leaving Kubernetes.
  • "Simplicity through complexity" has been to me a goal that I always was willing to achieve. In Flexera through the use of "Cell Architecture" concepts I've managed to enable almost anybody with or without any kind of expertise or knowledge around complex laC tooling or Kubernetes to deploy production ready clusters with a click of a button.
  • Driven the implementation of the Gitops model across the organisation as a better way to reach modular "Cell Architecture"
  • Architected and modelled the infrastructure Alert routing strategy across the fleet of the kubernetes.
  • Designed and centralised multi cross-cluster Grafana dashboards that enables on-call engineers to have a better visibility across the maintained
  • Redesigned the Cloud architecture for the Data Platform (Technopedia) services following AWS Well­ Architected Framework.
  • Helped to optimise AWS cloud infrastructure costs


Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


03/2017 - 03/2020                                                                      Lisburn

Camlin operates with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries, including power and rail, and also has interests in a number of R&D projects in a variety of scientific sectors.


  • Migration of the legacy accounts towards a new AWS Cloud Governance based on the Well-Architected Framework, to segregate critical production environments from development and internal operations.
  • Architected and re-designed the cloud infrastructure for the legacy applications to insure cyber-security compliance and mitigation from cyber
  • Architected and maintained the corporate internal network of the company, distributed across multiple geographical regions and inter-connected with our cloud systems over the TGW/BGP.
  • Conducted internal application penetration testing audits.
  • Architected and managed the corporate vpn system.
  • Implemented a zero trust system to provision centralized access to production systems through a PKI infrastructure.
  • Architected and maintained a cloud HA VPN network infrastructure for rail systems


DevOps Engineer


08/2016 -  11/2016                                                            Adeje (Spain)


- Managed and supported multiple cloud application

platforms deployed in AWS: Cloudwatch, Route53, S3, Cloudfront, Rancher.

Implemented IEEE 802.1X based authentication



Network Engineer

Inver & Gest

04/2015 - 05/2016                                                             Salou (Spain)


  • WiFi distributed systems: IEEE 801.1 b/g/n/ac dual band

2.4 Ghz 5 Ghz with more than 400 Access Points with real time monitoring.

  • Managed and maintained the corporate network distributed in 12 different geographical locations.
  • Migration from legacy ISDN/Analogue telephony systems with hundreds of extensions to a VoIP infrastructure.



Network Engineer

Alexandre Hotels

10/2014 - 03/2015, Barcelona (Spain)

  • Managed and supported the internal network of the company across 2 different locations in Barcelona.
  • Provided isolated internet access during Mobile World Congress IEEE 802.3z 802.3ab ( MWC 2015)



AWS Well-Architected Framework


Cloud Networking


Cloud Security


Iestio/Service Mesh 






Personal Projects

Foglets.com (07/2018 - Present)
Science focused blog used for personal research purposes that it
features achievements in neuroscience, nanotechnology and molecular biology.


metaCluster.com (03/2021 - Present)
Researching and developing a Cell Architecture methodology
for Cloud computations systems.


metaKube.com (03/2021 - Present)
A collection of Kubernetes Controllers and Operators for metaKube clusters.


Volunteer Experience

System Engineer
Σκήτη Αγἰου Δημητρίου Λάκκου
07/2014 - Present, Agion Oros (Greece)

With approximately 1 million unique users per year, I
manage and maintain a fleet of websites and mobile
applications across multiple platforms for the
orthodox christian community.


System Engineer

07/2015 - Present, US
On-demand audio streaming and download service



Associate's degree
I.E.S Domenech i Montaner
09/2005 - 09/2007,
Computer Systems

Bachelor's degree
Lic. Dr. Mihai Ciuca
09/2003 - 09/2004,

Senior Cycle
I.E.S Joan Guinjoan
09/1995 - 09/2003,



Full Professional Proficiency

Native or Bilingual Proficiency

Professional Working

Full Professional Proficiency

Full Professional Proficiency






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