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How can we find the right job for you?


So, you’re looking for a new job? Searching, interviewing and making the right choice can be a really daunting time. Take it from us, we know. Try pitching to the guy from Dragons' Den.

Making the wrong choice can be the difference between the 'Monday blues' and 'casual Friday'. Sometimes, it’s not what you know or who you know, but how you apply the two. We’re the people that can apply what you know, to the people we know. It’s the perfect combination.

We can start by getting to know each other a little more. Really find out about you, not just why you want to move, but what you love and hate, and what really makes you tick and gets you excited. We can tell you about the market, let you know who’s growing and what people are really looking for. Our knowledge is here to be shared whenever you need it, because let’s be honest, sometimes, it's nice to get something for free.

Why choose us?


No one really likes finding a new job. It can be a stressful time, difficult to manage and sometimes, a complete nuisance. We know that as professionals, you’re in high demand and are always being sent roles. We also know that gets irritating. Our teams of specialist recruiters only send you the most relevant and exciting positions, with the salaries that fit your expectations, and the best packages for you and your lifestyle. We’re here to help you throughout your journey, whether that’s interview prep, offer negotiation, even through to the daunting task of handing in your notice.


We only recruit for our core industries, and can genuinely call ourselves specialists. We definitely don’t know as much as you, but we know a lot. We can give you the most up-to-date advice on available jobs and contracts, what salaries, day rates and packages to expect, and what skills are in the highest demand. When you’re ready to make your next move, you’ll be well equipped.


You know better than anyone how fast the world changes. We make it our mission to keep up with those changes, whether it’s what our clients are doing, what skills are trending, salary benchmarking or new companies joining the market, it’s our job to ensure you are updated regularly.


We’re in this for the long run. Long-term partnerships enable us to get to know you, your goals, ambitions and ideal jobs inside out. We don't want our relationships to end at the job offer stage, or when we’ve secured you a contract; we want to be there to offer any advice and guidance, at any point in your career. Who knows, we might even help you find that next step in your career, or that next contract for you again in the future.

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