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Our legal and compliance expertise

The legal and compliance sector in Northern Ireland is thriving and there has never been so much variety in employers and such incredible opportunities for growth.

From homegrown local specialists to multinational corporations, Belfast is the perfect city to accelerate your career in law, legal support, and compliance.

View some of our open legal and compliance jobs below or get in touch with our legal and compliance recruitment specialists to hear about the many roles not listed here.

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Working in the legal sector

Embarking on a career in the legal profession is a journey filled with intellectual challenge, professional growth, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on society.

Those working within the legal profession play a crucial role in upholding justice, securing individual rights, and shaping the legal landscape in diverse fields ranging from corporate law to human rights advocacy.

Whatever you aspire to become Hayward Hawk can offer multiple rewarding opportunities in the legal sector. 

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Working in compliance

Working in compliance offers a dynamic and multifaceted career path within the broader field of law and regulatory affairs.

Compliance professionals play a vital role in ensuring that organisations adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies to mitigate risks, uphold ethical standards, and maintain public trust. 

Overall, working in compliance requires a combination of legal knowledge, analytical skills, communication abilities, and a commitment to ethical conduct. Compliance professionals play a critical role in safeguarding a company's reputation, protecting stakeholders' interests, and ensuring regulatory compliance in an increasingly complex and regulated business environment.

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