14 March, 2017

If you are hiring for the likes of Mesos, Kubernetes, Java8 and GoLang, but your recruitment process is about as modern as IBM mainframe, you need to keep reading…

So often we find companies embracing the latest technologies, implementing the latest agile XP methodologies to a tee, not to mention welcoming continuous integration/delivery with open arms. BUT, when it comes to hiring the best tech talent, they are still using Neolithic processes. Why the disparity? 

So…if your interview process still includes an application form, a technical test/assessment of some kind, 4+ interview stages…you will miss out on the best candidates. Your competitors (there are a lot) are streamlining their processes, speeding up the time to hire, and cutting out the steps that have no proven value. They realise that good candidates don’t hang around or care much for long processes. You on the other hand, are losing out.

Here are 10 top tips for streamlining your recruitment process: 

  • Turnaround from CV submittal to candidate interview request should take no longer than 48 hours
  • Limit the interview process to 3 stages at the absolute maximum
  • Total time from CV submittal to offer should be no longer than 2 weeks
  • Explain the process in full at the outset to the candidate - including time-frames
  • Accept a fairly detailed Linkedin profile instead of a CV. These top candidates are working hard and often don’t have time to perfect CVs.
  • Don’t make the interview session tedious and monotonous - challenge candidates! (Although don’t scare them off either)
  • SELL! SELL! SELL! the role, although always be honest.
  • Try not to make your hiring event/process driven. Keep your hiring fluid and your doors always open for top talent. After all, you want the right talent and not the right now talent.
  • Continually review your approach to hiring. If you notice that top talent keeps slipping through the net, it’s time to re-evaluate.
  • Talk to other internal recruiters in your market and see what is working for them. Working together will help everyone in the market long-term.  

If you feel that your recruitment process could do with a little spring clean, we would be more than happy to help.  Contact us on 02895 902 688 or on hello@haywardhawk.com

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