Ben Sidebotham joins Hayward Hawk to head up our Development Team

09 October, 2023

Hello everyone!I'm Ben, the newest member of Hayward Hawk, I’m thrilled to step into the role of Principal Software Recruiter. I’ve had a very rewarding recruitment journey so far helping countless software engineers take steps to better their careers. Joining Hayward Hawk feels like the perfect next step in my own journey and I’m excited to be working closely with the team to amplify our positive impact further.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy sports. Whether it's engaging in a fast-paced table tennis match or pushing my limits at the gym, I believe in giving my best shot. It's this very ethos I'm eager to infuse into my work at Hayward Hawk, aiming to strike the perfect match for every candidate and client.While sports keep me on my toes, my twin boys keep me on my feet - literally! They're my biggest joy, and most of my free time revolves around their giggles, mischief and endless adventures. It's this balance of professional ambition and personal fulfilment that I believe shapes me, and I hope to bring this holistic approach to my role here.At Hayward Hawk, I’m not just looking to fill roles; I'm aiming to build lasting relationships and contribute significantly to scaling out our team. I'm excited about this new chapter and look forward to collaborating, learning, and growing alongside each one of you.Here’s to new beginnings and smashing those goals! 

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