Do You Have A Smooth Hiring Process?

25 July, 2022

Do You Have A Smooth Hiring Process?

It is encouraging to see that employers are back to hiring at levels equivalent to pre-Covid. There is a high demand for new staff in all sectors, including technology and professional services.

Employers do have a number of new post-Covid scenarios that they need to consider before continuing down their hiring path.

Most candidates are getting two or three job offers at once and employers need to be clear on their processes and company policies or they risk losing top talent.

Top areas where we have witnessed issues arising, based on feedback from candidates, include;


Clarity On Hybrid Working

It is not enough to say there will be hybrid or flexible working options on offer. Candidates want to know how many days they are expected to be in the office each week or what core hours they are expected to be online.


Have A Smooth And Efficient Hiring Process

If you have a candidate at final stage interview and it then takes 1 week to issue an offer letter, it is likely that candidate will have moved on and signed an offer letter elsewhere with a company who have smooth processes and make the candidate feel like they are wanted.


Smooth On-Boarding Process

Many companies are still experiencing a remote on-boarding process. Are the processes in place to make sure the new employee receives their laptop/equipment on time? Are there clear processes set up to ensure the new employee feels welcomed and included in the team?


Each of these factors are important for an employer to have the ability to retain talent and hire new talent. The job seekers expectations have shifted during the pandemic and it is now more important than ever for employers to acknowledge this and treat the recruitment process with significant importance – or risk losing out on top talent.

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