18 December, 2017

So...We have been very busy with, ya know, recruitment. But that that's no excuse for the delay in formally informally introducing our latest 2 Hawks Jonny and Margaret(Maggie). DISCLAIMER: Margaret did not work as a statue in a previous life as her photo would suggest. Jonny has aged (gracefully) since this photo was taken.  


Hello - I’m Maggie and I’m one of the new Kidd’s on the block here at Hayward Hawk (I recently got married so now I am officially a "Kidd"). Not only am I new to the world of recruitment but I’m also a newbie on the tech scene… But who wouldn’t want to work in a world where “tech unicorns” exist? I know, right?! 

Throughout my career I have worked in support and management roles in various industries (financial services/retail/ hospitality/ beauty/ environmental). I am a stickler for planning and believe that the recipe for success begins and ends with a positive, can do attitude.

Outside of the office - I am happiest when I am surrounded by Family, Friends, Food and Flowers. I love to spend my free time fixing/ making stuff, stalk and befriend every single dog I see.


I have recently moved over from Newcastle where I studied Business Management for 4 years. For the last 18 months I have been working in the technology recruitment industry. 

A bit about me – I used to be into my fitness before I did a year work experience at the Cadbury factory where I soon realised I preferred eating rather than going to the gym.  I then realised I preferred doing everything else over the gym.

Since living in Newcastle I became a massive Demba Ba fan. Demba Ba fact: He once scored a goal on FIFA 12 whilst playing FIFA 11. Since Demba  Ba moved on from Newcastle it hasn’t quite been the same.

This year I became a fan of Formula 1. I am hoping to get to a European race next year. 


P.S. When scouring the internet for a suitable blog thumbnail image, we found a interesting article on information and compression in relation to American small talk linked to the image we chose. Kind of related and kind of not related... but kind of interesting. Kind of. 

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