In one month...

09 April, 2020

The good, the bad and the ugly of Hayward Hawk over the past month...


In one month....Hayward Hawk has become what we now all call "Homeward Hawk", with everyone quickly transitioning to fully remote working.

In one month...We have gone from saying a lot on social media to being lost for words.

In one month....we have had 1 billion Zoom calls (rounded up to the nearest billion).

In one month....We have made some of the hardest decisions as a business since we set up. Nobody told us there was no "how to" manual for this...

In one month....we have learned that the shortage of software developers is in fact NOT the biggest problem for NI recruiters at present.

In one month....We have had to furlough some of our most amazing team members, recruiters and support staff. However, we are confident that by taking these actions, we are ensuring the safety and longevity of their jobs and also the future of Hayward Hawk.

In one month....2 people have taken up learning the guitar

In one month....8 people are currently battling out their 5km times on Strava

In one month....we have discover that 1 Hawk has the most amazing pair of light up, bunny-eared headphones (email for deets on where to purchase)

In one month....We have joined the rest of the corporate world in virtual quizzing

In one month....We have secured 6 new clients...but equally have over 50% of clients with current or planned hiring freezes

In one month....Every one of us has realised the enormous positives of being part of an amazing portfolio such as Recruitment Entrepreneur and having the wisdom and experience of James Caan on speed dial. 


At Hayward Hawk we can't advise on Work from home best practice, how to keep a positive mindset in uncertain times or how the economy might be affected etc. We leave that to the experts in those fields. 

We do know a thing or 2 about recruitment though, and we would be happy to advise, assist and chat about all things recruitment. We are open for chats on our softphones, Zoom, MS Teams, Houseparty, Whatsapp, Instagram and every other trendy communication app :) 

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