27 June, 2017

I’m Andrew (better known as Huggy).

I’ve been working within technology recruitment now for over a year in Newcastle, after finishing my time at University. I specialised in placing top Microsoft BI and development professionals mainly in the Irish market.

Away from recruitment I am a self-confessed sports fanatic, although football is my main passion. I am a licensed football coach who shares a mutual player with “The Special One” Jose Mourinho, he learned much more from me than Mourinho no doubt (I won’t embarrass myself by saying who). I spend most of my spare time coaching, playing or travelling to watch football (You might recognise me in a few ITV highlights of Euro 2016).

Aside from this, I do still find plenty of time to go out and sample some of the best food and drink Belfast has to offer. When I say the best, I’m referring to a burrito washed down with a small tonic wine.

Hello there! My name’s David (I’m the one on the far left in case you didn’t know) and I’ve just moved back home after an initial 4 years in Scotland, spending the best part of £40,000 on a Geography degree which is now being put to full use as a specialist IT recruiter... More recently I’ve  been plying my trade in Newcastle, working specifically in the Microsoft Dynamics market. When I saw the opportunity to join a fresh new recruitment agency, and move back closer to my family, I had to take it. 

Outside of work (does this exist in recruitment?) my hobbies and interests read like the first lines of your French oral exam in school…”I enjoy playing football, listening to music and going out with my friends”. I’ve been a massive MMA fan for the past 10 years, and the dream is to go out to Vegas or New York to experience the hype in the flesh. 



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