The Tech Landscape In 2024

29 January, 2024

As we come to the end of the longest month of the year, let’s look at some key predictions for the tech world over the next 11 months. Will artificial intelligence completely take-over? What about data privacy?


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword for the last couple of years, but 2024 is expected to be the year we see radical changes. It is thought 2024 will be the year business leaders, who may have been sceptical in the past about the hype surrounding AI, begin to witness its practical benefits. 2024 will be a critical year for businesses to understand and adapt AI technologies to create value going forward.


Will 2024 be the year resilience in technology shines through?

With increasing cyber threats and data breaches, governments worldwide are expected to mandate resilience measures. This will mean organisations will no longer view resilience as an optional add-on, but as a fundamental component of their technology strategy. The importance of ensuring systems are robust and can withstand various forms of cyber threats and attacks is a primary concern for all organisations throughout the world.


C-Suite more involved in cyber security

In 2024, the role of C-Suite individuals is predicted to become more critical. As technology becomes increasingly central to business operations, more CRO’s, COO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s are expected to evolve into cybersecurity experts, reflecting the growing importance of cybersecurity in business operations.


Data Privacy to keep up with AI

With the rapid advancement of AI, data privacy is expected to accelerate in 2024. Governments and regulatory bodies will likely introduce new frameworks and guidelines to ensure that the increasing use of AI does not compromise user privacy and data security. This aims to create a more structured environment for AI deployment, balancing innovation and ethical considerations.


2024 is looking like a transformative year for technology. With advancements in AI happening so rapidly, cyber security, resilience and regulation are set to be prominent themes for this year and years going forward.

These changes will not only reshape the technology landscape, but also redefine how organisations operate and interact with technology.


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OryxAlign, (2024) The tech landscape in 2024: predictions and transformations

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