The Workplace – Post Pandemic!

21 August, 2023

The Workplace – Post Pandemic!

The working world evolved and changed rapidly in response to the recent pandemic.

Before Covid-19, office space was very competitive and we were used to seeing rows and rows of desks, in high office buildings.

During the pandemic, many of us experienced working from home for the first time and discovered that the need for offices wasn’t as necessary as we all thought.

Now the pandemic has passed, employee expectations have changed and many employers are continuing to offer working from home options.


Employee Expectations

Many employees are reluctant to return to full time office hours. People have gotten used to the comfort of working from their own home, the reduced travel time and more personal time that comes with the working from home lifestyle.

Employer flexibility is expected, with Gen Z having the highest expectations of all. Gen Z entered the world of work during the pandemic and don’t know the life-before-covid when 5 days a week in the office was normal and expected.


How do employers manage these expectations?

The pandemic highlighted that the need for staff to be in the office 5 days a week is not necessary (depending on the industry). Hybrid working is the new normal and as a result, employer-employee trust has become stronger in this scenario.

People are choosing to work for employers who offer flexible working. This not only offers staff a better work life balance, but in such a competitive talent market, it gives employers a better chance of gaining that top talent.


Pre Pandemic Office Space – A Place For Collaboration

For many businesses, the office space is now a place for collaboration and learning. Employers are reducing office space and creating collaborative working environments. More communal spaces with interactive screens and whiteboards are becoming more popular, along with team breakout areas. The need for rows and rows of desks 5 days a week isn’t required, but this team collaborative environment for 2-3 days a week is more in demand and aligned with business requirements, post pandemic.


Does your employer offer hybrid working? Are you looking for more flexibility in your working schedule? Perhaps you like the office working environment and want a company who requires full time office work?

Reach out to our team today to see what different options are available and what would best suit your lifestyle and desires!

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